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Student Voice

Student Voice

BSix encourages its students to play a full part in the running of the College. Getting involved in the student voice is a fantastic way to boost your skills for life at BSix and beyond. Stand out from the crowd with universities and employers by showing you are an active member of your community who goes the extra mile!

The student voice programme encourages participation both in the College and in the wider community. Students undergo professional leadership training and meet regularly to assist each other with their roles. Our students will tell you that the College always listens and will do its utmost to respond to constructive and appropriate suggestions. Ofsted has called our approach “innovative” and “highly responsive”.

Students can also attend a Principal’s Question Time to ask questions of, or make suggestions to, senior management. Present and former students are represented on the governing body and students have an active role in the recruitment of staff. The student voice are brought together through regular meetings and termly seminars on relevant themes. The strands of the Student Voice are:

Class Representatives

Every Tutor Group elects a representative whose job it is to gather the opinions of their class mates, works closely with the Student Union and ensure your opinions are heard by staff.

Student Union

The Student Union are the democratic student leadership of the college, responsible for ensuring every student has the best BSix experience possible. The Student Union sets the direction of the student voice, working with each strand to empower students and staff to make a real difference. Student Union Officers have a diverse role that revolves around giving top level customer service. This work includes: listening to the views of students; giving presentations to the Senior Management Team and Governors; running campaigns on local and national issues; coordinating and supporting the Clubs; creating events that raise awareness of important issues and celebrate the diversity of BSix; organising the Christmas Show and end of year Prom.

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are students who play an integral role in student recruitment and experience at BSix. Ambassadors work hard to represent BSix at College open days, taster days, student interview sessions and much more. The role involves meeting and engaging with a wide range of different people, including teachers, parents, primary school and secondary school students, visitors and the media.


BCitizens is a programme designed to help students become positive citizens of society through developing leadership, teamwork, and community organisation skills. Improving community relations is high on the BCitizens agenda and every student involved raises the profile of young people at BSix, enhances their sense of involvement, and improves relationships between young people and others in the community. Our BCitizens received an award from Citizens UK for ‘Outstanding contribution to the local community’ for their work on turning Clapton into a Citysafe zone. They have also been part of delegations to the Mayor and the candidates for Prime Minister!

Sports Ambassadors

Sports Ambassadors are student volunteers who have a focus and passion for sports and who want to help grow the participation in sports at college. Sports Ambassadors also build on their employability skills; teamwork, leadership, marketing and event organisation. As a sports ambassador you will also have the opportunity to gain additional qualifications in sports coaching and officiating.


” Good training, mentoring and guidance for student ambassadors, student union representatives and student advocates ensure that students play an active and important role in the life of the college.”

(Ofsted, April 2018)