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Here's the answers to some frequently asked questions

FAQ 1: Do I have to pay a fee to join the HUE programme

FAQ 1 Answer: No. Although either you or your school / college will need to be able to provide for your travel expenses to some of the seminars such as those at Citibank or the residential trips to Cambridge and Oxford.

FAQ 2: Can I apply for a programme in a subject that I am not currently studying?

FAQ 2 Answer: Yes, as long as the subject is of interest and relevant to your planned university progression. E.g. You don’t need to be studying engineering to attend the HUE course with UCL, but you should be studying science / maths subjects

If you have any other questions, please e-mail BSeven


CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)22nd May 2020 Update


The college will reopen for priority groups from Monday 1st June. Read information here

Students need to regularly check their college email for further updates.

Applications for September 2020 remain open.

Advice for parents: The Hackney SEND FAQs