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BSeven Learning Beyond the Classroom

BSeven is the department that organises all the extended learning opportunities that form part of the study programme of every student. This includes careers, enrichment and work-related-learning.

The Learning beyond the Classroom team organise and run the the Work-related learning (including Careers) and Enrichment strands of your study programme – this is where it gets really interesting! There is a wide range of exciting options for you to choose from for your enrichment and your work experience is planned for you. Your personal tutor will meet with you to make sure you are accessing and attending either a society (university programme) or a club.

The purpose of these strands of your study programme are to broaden your skills, increase your confidence and help you to enjoy learning even more! Your tutor will help you to understand how these skills are transferable and how they will support your future progression to university, an apprenticeship and into a career.

For more information contact Lucy Capes, BSeven Team Leader

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