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19+ Distance learning courses


BSix is now offering online adult education courses in ESOL, Digital Skills and Teacher training. These courses are for anyone aged 19+ and are government funded. Our online courses allow you to reach your goals without impacting on your other commitments. All our courses are taught live and include weekly tutorial support to ensure the successful competition of your qualification. English and Maths is also included in the qualification package for those without a GCSE grade 4 or equivalent


ESOL- English for Speakers of Other Languages

Would you like to improve your English?

This course will allow you to improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing. By gaining an ESOL qualification it shows that you have good speaking, writing, listening and reading skills in English. This will help you to improve your social interactions in everyday life as well as being a great way to show employers your language skills.

Once you apply, admin will be in contact to assess your eligibility for educational funding


Digital Skills

For many modern professions, digital skills are now essential skills. A European commission study found that across all industries 93% of European workplaces use computers. The coronavirus pandemic has further exacerbated matters, with remote working becoming normalised. Following the pandemic, remote working will become a more deeply ingrained part of everyday working life increasing this need for digital skills.

Digital skills are important because they underpin so much of how modern work is conducted. Workers who have previously depended on in-person interactions are now compelled to use digital technologies to conduct their day-to-

day functions. Therefore, gaining digital skills is fundamental if you are to compete in a modern workforce.

Once you apply, admin will be in contact to assess your eligibility for educational funding


Supporting Teaching and Learning in schools

Become a Teaching Assistant? you could be in employment by September.

The need for teachers and teaching assistants has increased drastically. There are currently 1,200+ vacancies for teaching assistants and 1,300+ vacancies for teachers in London. With this qualification you will have the knowledge and skills required to meet the support needs of primary, secondary and special needs schools.

This is also the first stage in becoming a qualified teacher.

With up to 14 weeks off a year and a job where no day is the same, you can have a truly rewarding career whilst also making a difference in children’s lives.

All our courses have tutorial supports and well the option to take Math and English qualification

Once you apply, admin will be in contact to assess your eligibility for educational funding


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