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Academic and Creative

Academic and Creative Enrichment

African & Caribbean Society



Our African and Caribbean Society encourages all students to learn about, experience and celebrate the joys of African and Caribbean culture in a warm and friendly environment. We aim to provide a platform for showcasing and celebrating African and Caribbean culture within our diverse community, as well as holding events that cater for their cultural, social, educational and professional requirements

Beginner Languages Club


Do you want to learn a modern language? Do you want to converse in French, Italian or Spanish?

Studying a language enables you to study technological and social change, looking at diversity and the benefits it brings. Learning a language helps you to understand other countries’ culture including music, cinema, food, customs and traditions.

The beginner languages club is led by current BSix students.

Book Club



Do you love books? Are you often looking for people to discuss literature with? Join the LRC Book Club! Lots of people love to read, but it can be hard to find someone to discuss the book you’re reading, especially if you love an uncommon genre. If you’re having a hard time finding people to talk with about your reading material, you might want to consider joining our Book Club.

Talking about books helps to boost a love of reading. It encourages you to bring your own experiences and perspectives to a conversation. This will also be a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Join the LRC Book Club now!

The Brotherhood



In the UK, as with most parts of the world, suicide statistics are higher for men than they are for women. This is mainly because men and society have been programmed to believe that bottling up emotions and going through stress alone are what makes a man desirable and strong. This negative idea about manhood causes serious distress amongst men, going as far as affecting a man’s intimate relationships and, sometimes, their health.  In our men’s-only support group you have a safe space where they can share your personal experiences and challenges while learning from others on how to take charge of their own lives. You are free to ask questions or just sit and listen.

Chess Club


This club is for anyone who wants to play chess, and make friends with other enthusiasts. Our meetings are very informal and we welcome players of all ages and levels. Just turn up and ask someone for a game.

Christian Union


This course will provide an introduction into the study of Christian theology, which means the “study of God” Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • The Bible
  • Sin
  • Jesus
  • Salvation
  • Prayer
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Right relationship with God




Cultivate is a practical enrichment activity and its main focus is on the growing of vegetables and herbs throughout the year, using a polytunnel and raised planters. The border will also involve growing pollinators (flowers) to encourage bees to pollinate and make the garden look its best.

It is open to all students and designed for students with no previous experience in gardening or growing, it is intended to be a fun therapeutic learning journey that has practical benefits and hopefully will encourage the next generation of garden and allotment growers.

Anything produced is available for students in the group to take home or donated to the Hackney Food Bank for distribution.

Debating Society


Can you win an argument with a friend/ family member? 

Debating skills can be useful in a variety of ways from winning a pay rise,  defending an innocent client,  winning political office

The debating club is a fun way to developing your ability to deploying rational, reasoned arguments whilst building confidenceAcademic research has shown that there are numerous benefits to be attained through developing debating skills We use different activities to help you with your critical thinking and become more confident in communication. The club could also help you to become more informed about political and global affairs, and provide training for debate competitions with local schools, and at a national and international level.

The Detective Project


The Detective Project offers forensic science-based events that explore the way in which crime is investigated in the twenty-first century.
With our CSI- themed team building events, you will get to examine a crime scene and uncover the clues that will help solve the crime. With forensic reports to examine and witnesses to interview, the clock is ticking to find the suspects!

Throughout this enrichment you will incorporate key learning objectives, such as presenting, listening, communicating, cohesion, observation, change management and attention to detail.

Fabric Painting


Fabric painting not only allows you to create your own beautiful art, but also allows you to customize your clothes and fabrics. You can shape your imagination, create something beautiful for you to wear, admire and use.

Fabric painting is very versatile, you can use stencils, or you can experiment with stamps and free-hand painting.

Painting can be therapeutic because it allows the mind to focus on the images at hand and on nothing else. This focus toward one central topic relieves stress on the mind, and in turn relaxes the body.

Painting Encourages Positivity and Offers Stress Relief Painting allows for emotional release because it stimulates the creative side of your mind while focusing your attention in one place, which can lower anxiety. In this way, the creative outlet improves your mental health significantly.

Fashion Futures



Led by an industry expert, this exciting new course will give you the opportunity to have fun with fashion. We will explore fashion cultures and the language of clothing to express identity, community and to challenge injustice. We will collectively handle clothing through mending, drawing and stitching onto shared fabrics. We will activate our senses to produce instinctive fashion experiments and consider the impact of ecological thinking on the fashion world and materials of our everyday lives.

Film Club


If you love film then BSix film club is for you.

There will be fortnightly screenings allowing you to switch off from your studies, and to lose yourself in the magic of classic, popular, independent and international film alongside other film enthusiasts.

Great films inspire great discussion and the aim is just that… great discussion to exchange viewpoints about film.

This will be a fun, safe environment for you to get to know others with similar interests in film.

Film Project


From Jan – Feb we run a 6-week project in collaboration with Hackney Shed and Hackney Empire where you can devise and shoot your own short film.  You can choose to focus more on acting, writing or directing at this stage. These sessions are run at Hackney Empire.

Football4Impact Project



FOOTBALL4iMPACT is a unique opportunity to combine students from very different nationalities and socio-economic backgrounds and encourage them to come together through their common love of football. The main aim is to provide young people in London a chance to connect and learn about pertinent topics and how these can be strengthened and alleviated through involvement in sport. There will also be an opportunity to travel overseas.

Hackney Shed Young Theatre Company


Are you interested in Drama?

Hackney Shed Young Company is for 16-19yr olds who want to learn:

  • Acting (Film and Stage)
  • Script Writing
  • Directing
  • Audition Techniques
  • Improv and Devising

From Sept – Dec we focus on specific performing skills such as improv, character development, devising and script work.  These skills are the foundation needed to be a confident performer.  The sessions are open to students of any experience.  Everyone is welcome!

Islamic Society


The ISOC serves the social, spiritual and academic needs of Muslim students, and, most importantly, fosters feelings of brotherhood and sisterhood amongst each other. The result is a vibrant and inclusive society which is based on our mutual beliefs and strengthened by our friendship. Absolutely everyone is welcome, whether you’re Muslim, interested in Islam or simply looking for a friendly face!

Intro to I.T (beginners)


The IT industry is growing quickly as companies become more technology-based and the need to manage information becomes increasingly vital. Introduction to IT is geared towards complete beginners looking to take their first steps into the world of Information Technology.

Knowledge is Power


The Knowledge is Power programme is a parallel curriculum of events and creative workshops to discuss some of the major issues facing society and young people today. It is a place for students to share experiences of the world, to make greater sense of those experiences, and to build Knowledge and Power upon them.

We will explore how policing, schooling, sexuality, social media, youth violence and more, shape our lives and learning. We shall explore hidden histories, ancient fables, and untold truths.

Topics this year will include health inequalities around Covid, Trans Rights, Disability Rights, the Black Lives Matter Movement, the environment and alternative living, the Haitian Revolution, and masks of masculinity.

The programme will draw on community expertise, youth initiative, local heritage, and the latest scholarship from universities across the country and beyond to develop the Knowledge and Power to survive and thrive growing up in London

More Information Click Here

Level Up


This enrichment will consist of various programmes, workshops, trips and showcases, that centre around enhancing your experience at BSix.

Some of these activities will include but aren’t limited to;

  • Financial Literacy workshops
  • STEM workshops
  • Coding courses
  • Pre-Med School Activities
  • Motivational & Academic Speakers
  • The Eden Project
  • Sex Education
  • NCS
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Hackney Citizens

And many more……

Mock Court


This enrichment will help you understand how the law touches every aspect of your lives, and an insight into how the legal justice system works.

You will be given access to resources, including specially written criminal cases, to help you and your teams prepare legal arguments. After preparation, your team will go head-to-head with other schools to prosecute and defend the cases.

For some students it will be your first experience of the law and there is no better way to introduce it to you than in a fun and engaging experience that stays with you for life.

Students who take part are encouraged to think critically, build arguments and boost their confidence and employability skills. This experience will help students develop a sound knowledge and understanding of the role of law and the justice system in our society.

Model United Nation


Model United Nations is an academic or recreational activity in which you will assume the role of national ambassadors or representatives to debate and seek to solve global issues. It’s great fun, giving you the opportunity to meet new people. It also helps you develop and demonstrate key skills like public speaking, teamwork and negotiation which will look great on your CV.

Music Performance / Production


This enrichment is for students that have a keen interest in Djing, Music production, Recording and performance.

Producers and DJs will get a chance to try out relevant software (Serato, Ableton Live or Logic Pro), vocalists who want to record themselves can use one of the three mini-studios and instrumentalists will have use of the rehearsal room to play live.

Students of all ability levels are welcome.

*live music activities may not run owing to the ongoing situation and will be assessed as we run depending on student uptake

Photography Club


Do you like taking photographs? Do you want to learn how to use Adobe products such as Photoshop and Lightroom?

The Photography Club will give you basic to advanced level skills in digital photography. You will learn how to shoot on location and in a studio setting. You will also learn how to use lighting and be able to digitally edit your photography.

Student Ambassador Initiative


The Student Ambassador Initiative is designed to foster and promote professional development in our students, working closely with fellow students across the college to form the Student Ambassador team.


The integral role of a Student Ambassador (SA) is to be a student representative of BSix Sixth form college. SA’s have the opportunity for personal development acquiring communication, teamwork and public speaking skills.


Regarding employment they will also talk about event co-ordination and employability skills they obtain from the initiative training and directing them to obtain the Student Ambassador position at University, which is numerated role, should they wish to go towards the higher education route. If opting for a non-traditional pathway these would be key skills they can take directly onto employment or apprenticeship route, CV/Cover letter and SA Profile are also included in the initiative.

A key aspect of their work is to provide encouragement and motivation to people who may not be aware of the range of possibilities andopportunities available to them if they choose to study at BSix. Creating a collegiate atmosphere and to foster rapports and a professional mindset amongst our student body. The ambassadorduties tasked will vary, but will include the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Executing the Student Experience events such as Fashion Shows, Hot Chocolate Days etc
  • Talking to new and prospective students at school, HE Fairs and collegeevents
  • Supporting taster days here at BSix in the form of a Student Panel
  • Networking and supporting at school engagement events
  • Supporting staff at our own Interview sessions to induct new students
  • Providing and in-depth college tour of our campus, whilst talking to students



  • You will be a professional representative of the college, you will gain professional development


  • You will need to be confident, friendly, and approachable.


  • Receive professional references from the Principal/Vice Principal and Engagement Department


  • SA’s will gain professional development in areas of communication, events and representation
  • Gain valuable experience and training in a professional work environment


  • Co-ordinate and support events contributing to the student experience


  • Acquire Leadership training, CV workshop and addition development opportunities.

The Uganda Project


The Uganda Project is an international, collaborative social action project between BSix College students (and staff) and Nyantaboma Schools students (and staff) in Uganda.

To fulfill the ‘Enrichment’ part of your study programme:

International volunteering: you will be working to support a rural schools project in Uganda. This volunteering element of the Enrichment will have BSix students engaging in fundraising activities to support the school, including setting up a Gofundme page, soliciting support from family, friends the public and hosting fundraising events at and outside the college.


International seminar (Decolonising the curriculum): you will be participating in a new collaborative initiative with students and teachers in Uganda to engage in a highly interactive discussion on ‘decolonising the curriculum’.

International exchange visit (virtual/physical): A group of BSix College students (and staff) shall visit Nyantaboma School to meet the counterparts they have been supporting. They will continue the social action project by working with the Nyantaboma students to accomplish together tasks such as building, landscaping, painting, installing water facilities and hosting community-wide events.

Social Development Programmes - NCS & The Jack Petchey Award




Think long sunny days (and probably some wet ones too), hanging with new mates, having 2 weeks of adventures staying away from home that you’ll talk about for years, a week of doing some good in your community, and becoming the best version of yourself. What more could you want?Well, if that interests you, then why not sign up to our NCS programme here at Bsix.

Our joint partnership programme with Jack Petchey is the Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme, which recognises outstanding young people aged 11-25 across London and Essex.

Jack Petchey Achievement Award winners are young people who have gone above and beyond to achieve – perhaps when others thought they might fail.
Each award winner will receive a certificate, pin badge and a book from Sir Jack himself. They will also choose how to spend a £300 grant to benefit their school or organisation.

All award winners are invited to attend one of our fun ceremonies to be presented with a medallion in front of their families, friends, and VIPs.

International Swim Project




Swimming saves lives!! According to the World Health Organization, drowning is the world’s third leading cause of unintentional injury death.

Learn or improve your swimming and whilst gaining a lifeguarding swim teacher qualification. These skills will then be used to teach children to swim who are most at risk of drowning in low- and middle-income countries which account for over 90% of unintentional drowning deaths. Being able to swim also opens up many doors for future employment. Examples of professions include lifeguard, swimming teacher, competitive swimming coach, and rescue swimmer.

For more information or how to join, please contact Enrichment Manager