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Academic and Creative

Academic and Creative Programmes

Creative Writing

The creative writing enrichment will take a journey into the power of language and the potential of its impact upon our own selves as individuals, our relationships and interactions and indeed our perceptions.

The relationship between our language and humankind may be best understood when we consider letters by themselves, important in their own entity and when placed together becoming even more powerful to become words – giving them substance and meaning. In this instance, human beings may be aligned to letters – each important within our right and when we recognise our own value, we are then able to understand this in context to our relationship to one another. In that moment we are able to have the most profound and positive of impact in our own lives and in the lives of others around us.

The creative writing enrichment will endeavour to explore the different mediums of the way language is used poetry through spoken word, lyrics to songs, film script, plays and everything in between looking at how it impacts upon each of us and the world that we know…join us on our exploration into language beyond classroom academia…

Knowledge is Power

The Knowledge is Power Programme is a parallel curriculum of events, lectures, short courses and workshops within BSix to discuss some of the major issues facing society and young people today.

Bringing together the latest scholarship, community expertise and local heritage, the programme explores how schooling, social media, youth violence, relationships, money, and more, shape our lives and learning.

The programme attempts to address the lack of representation across disciplines, gaps in the curriculum and to question its very foundations.

Visiting poets, musicians, journalists and academics are encouraged to hear what students think about these issues and help them build powerfully on existing knowledge and experience.

Race, Class & Resistance

Race, Class & Resistance will aim to offer students an introduction to academic discussions and theories. This is an interdisciplinary course that will bring in university academics from a diverse range of academic fields such as History, Anthropology, Law, Politics and Sociology. The core focus of the course will is to introduce students to complex ideas and to encourage students to think critically about the world around them. In doing so, this course will draw a historical link from Britain’s colonial past to contemporary British society.

Hackney Shed Young Theatre Company

Do you like performing? If you like theatre, join Hackney Shed’s Young Company for young people aged 16-19.

Hackney Shed is a performing arts company for young people in the community. Our Young Company will meet once a week to learn skills like improvisation, script work and character and story development.

We will work together to create our own performances and whether you have loads of experience or just want to give theatre a go, you are welcome to join!

Photography Club

Do you like taking photographs? Do you want to learn how to use Adobe products such as Photoshop and Lightroom?

The Photography Club will give you basic to advanced level skills in digital photography. You will learn how to shoot on location and in a studio setting. You will also learn how to use lighting and be able to digitally edit your photography.

UCL Science Programme

This programme is designed to encourage critical thinking amongst science students with a focus on analytical method instead of rule/fact-based learning and to engage with researchers involved in cutting edge scientific research such as:

• Experimental Particle Physics

• Evolutionary Biology and Biochemistry

• Infectious diseases and Immunology

• Stochastic Processes

• Explore the interplay between science, society and power

With a focus on method, the programme will encourage students to engage with the process of theorising about natural phenomena. The programme will be facilitated by PhD students from University College London, Cambridge University and the University of Edinburgh.

Youth Action Group

The Youth Action Group was set up to work on solutions to youth violence and many of the connected issues that arise amongst young people growing up in London. One action taken by the group was the creation of a safe space to share and overcome issues that we call Get it Off Your Chest Tuesdays on Thursdays. The group also come together once a month with students from three other London colleges to work on solutions.

Beginner Languages Club

Do you want to learn a modern language? Do you want to converse in French, Italian or Spanish?

Studying a language enables you to study technological and social change, looking at diversity and the benefits it brings. Learning a language helps you to understand other countries’ culture including music, cinema, food, customs and traditions.

The beginner languages club is led by current BSix students.

Music Performance / Production

This enrichment is for students that have a keen interest in Djing, Music production, Recording and performance.

Producers and DJs will get a chance to try out relevant software (Serato, Ableton Live or Logic Pro), vocalists who want to record themselves can use one of the three mini-studios and instrumentalists will have use of the rehearsal room to play live.

Students of all ability levels are welcome.

Student Ambassador

As a student ambassador a key aspect of your work will be to provide encouragement and motivation to people who may not be aware of the range of possibilities and opportunities available to them if they choose to study at BSix. You will play a key role in the ensuring all new and existing students realise their potential to succeed at BSix.

You will work with a wide range of staff at various events across the year, but your main contact will be with staff within the Admissions and Marketing department.

The ambassador work that you will be asked to do will vary, but may include the following tasks and responsibilities:

· Talking to new and prospective students at college events

· Taking part in presentations to students/parents about BSix

· Supporting teaching staff with subject specific events and workshops

· Open events

· Taster days

· Further education fairs

· School events

· Interview sessions

· College tours

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