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Equality and Diversity training

We are pleased to provide our College Community with online Equality and Diversity training.
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BSix College is a community proud of its diversity and committed to equality and respect. We recognise that diversity is a powerful force for the positive development of the organisation. This online on-line Equality and Diversity training will enable us to develop practices and behaviours that promote inclusion, equity, diversity and achievement. The training covers all aspects of the Equality act and will help ensure you are aware of related legislation. The training will also help you understand your obligations and raise your awareness of disability and equality issues.

There are three courses available to you, as follows:

  • Equality & diversity training
  • Disability equality training
  • Managerial equality & diversity training

The first two modules are aimed at all staff with the third module being more appropriate for those in a managerial role. However, BSix staff are welcome to complete all the modules if they wish. On successful completion of each programme you will get a certificate which can be printed off for your own records.

We hope you find this training informative and enjoyable.