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Learning Resource Centre

BSix Learning Resources Centre (LRC)

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Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday

8am-12.55pm & 1.55pm-5pm

Friday 8am-12.55pm & 1.55pm-3.30pm

The LRC offers:

  • Individual study cubicles.
  • Group study tables.
  • Staff on hand to help with enquiries.
  • An IT area with 55 computers and printing, scanning and photocopying services.
  • Areas for students to plug in their own laptops.
  • A large collection of print items including fiction, non-fiction, textbooks, revision guides and a huge range of further reading materials on a large variety of subjects.
  • A collection of online resources specifically selected to meet the student needs. These resources include academic journals, subject specific resources and many more.
  • Bookable silent study use during lunch times.

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LRC Experts Initiative

As an LRC Expert the key aspect of your role will be to assist the LRC team in transforming the learning resource centre into a proactive and responsive service tailored to the evolving needs of the student body.

Other duties and responsibilities include:

•             Meet with student groups to inform and promote library services, spaces and resources.

•             Help keep shelves tidy and ensure books are in the correct dewy number order.

•             Aid LRC members with managing the ‘quiet study period’ booking system.

•             Assist in the development and implementation of various events and programs, such as Student Interview Evenings and themed PSHE events.

•             Provide the LRC with student feedback regarding improvement/development of services, spaces and resources.

•             Influence the direction of LRC resources and encourage reading for pleasure by providing students with monthly book reviews.

Benefits of becoming an LRC Expert

Build your CV and personal statement.

Expand your knowledge of library resources.

Enhance your public engagement skills.

Expand your employability skills.

Apply your creativity.

Advocate on behalf of your peers.