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BSix Maths Champions 2022/23

BSix Maths Champions

Our Maths Students Celebrate Their Success

Let’s celebrate some of our Maths students who have chosen to enter The National Sixth Form Maths competition, as a great way to broaden their mathematical horizon.

Not everybody enjoys the challenge of a competition, but here at BSix College, we aim to encourage and support our students by giving them the opportunity to test their skills in a broader field.

Head of Department – Maths

Our Head of Curriculum for Maths, Hope Messiah, has continued the tradition here at BSix by encouraging students to challenge themselves using the National Maths Competition.

It’s her strong belief that all students can benefit from taking part in the competition, no matter their Maths level.

BSix welcomes, encourages and supports all students who wish to stretch their abilities.

About The Competition


Hear what our Maths Champions had to say about their experience entering The National Sixth Form Maths competition. Click a video to View

Top Tips for Success in Maths

  1. Attend class regularly and pay close attention because math is a “constant discipline” course.
  2. Make time to study math every day. Math is time intensive.
  3. Use a time management schedule to ensure that time for study is allotted daily.
  4. Read the syllabus carefully and keep it, class notes and handouts in a 3-ring notebook.
  5. Preview the assignment in the textbook before class and read over notes from the last class period.
  6. Take your textbook, notebook, pencils, highlighter and calculator to class everyday.
  7. Ask questions in class about homework, problems or material discussed in that day’s class.