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A-Level Politics

A-Level Politics

Course Information

Course Level
 – 3
Course Type – A-Level
Specific Entry Requirements
Five GCSEs at grade 5-9 including English and Maths
Duration – 2 Years
Student Age – 16-18

About The Course

Why did people vote for Brexit? How does our democracy work? What is Socialism? If you would like to debate and discuss questions like these then study A Level Politics. You will study how the UK political system works as well looking at topics such as pressure groups, parties and globalisation. You will explore political ideologies such as Socialism, Conservatism, Liberalism and Anarchism. If you like to debate, construct arguments and keep up to date with current affairs then this is the course for you.

How Is The Course Taught?

The course is taught through a combination of teacher-led activities such as lectures and presentations combined with classroom debate and discussion. Students will be at the heart of the learning experience.  

How will I be Assessed?

You will be regularly assessed by the teachers including key assignments based on real exam questions. Your final exam will be at the end of year two and will be made up of three, two-hour exam on UK Politics, UK Government and Comparative Politics.  

What does it lead to?

Students who study Politics often pursue careers in law, journalism or education. It can also lead to jobs in the civil service, think tanks, NGO and pressure groups. Some become actively involved with political parties or trade unions. A journalist for a newspaper of periodical can expect to earn and average yearly salary of £40,040.

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