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A-Level Psychology

A-Level Psychology

Course Information

Course Level
 – 3
Course Type – A-Level
Specific Entry Requirements
Five GCSEs at grade 5-9 including English and Maths
Duration – 2 Years
Student Age – 16-18

About The Course

Most people find Psychology a fascinating subject because it’s about how our minds work. How we cope with the challenges of life? Why we do the things we do and how we are influenced by the behaviour of others? Studying Psychology will help you develop critical thinking and will significantly improve your written communication skills. You will gain knowledge on scientific studies about human behaviour and explore how such knowledge can be applied to everyday life and situations. There will be opportunities for discussion and debate while investigating ground-breaking and famous studies. The course requires extensive reading, writing and independent learning.

How Is The Course Taught?

The course is taught through a range of teacher led and interactive activities such as discussions, debates, presentations and lectures.  

How will I be Assessed?

You will be regularly assessed through key assignments based on real exam questions. Your final exam will be at the end of year two and will be made up of three, two-hour exams. The units will include psychopathology, relationships, research methods and schizophrenia.  

What does it lead to?

The skills learnt through studying Psychology are transferable to many careers which can include counselling, police service, social work, child care or certain jobs within the business sector such as advertising and recruitment. Psychology could also lead onto a range of Humanities based degree courses at University such as Law, Business, Education and Nursing. A qualified psychologist in education or social work or education can expect to earn over £42,000 and is a growth area with the workforce expected to grow by 10.4% over the next 7 years

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