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GCSE Science

GCSE Science

Course Information

Course Level
– 2
Course Type – GCSE
Specific Entry Requirements
Science Entry Test
Duration – 1 Year
Student Age – 16-18

About The Course

GCSE Science is a very popular and oversubscribed full-time course.

There are two pathways, you may either study the individual sciences; Biology, Chemistry and Physics, or the combined double science, which takes a more synoptic approach.

The syllabus is taught intensively in one academic year. It will help you to gain a deep understanding of the exciting world of science and it offers the opportunity of working and thinking scientifically. Students carry out many experiments, which develop the practical skills essential for further study.

How Is The Course Taught?

You will gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of biology, chemistry and physics through a mix of theoretical and practical studies. Teachers use a variety of models and methods to encourage students to solve problems, make predictions and to develop scientific explanations, and understanding of familiar and unfamiliar facts.

All lessons are taught by highly qualified teachers with many years’ experience of teaching the three sciences. Extensive use is made of classroom technologies and trips; and the lessons take place in well-equipped science labs.

How will I be Assessed?

Internal assessment includes in-class tests, homework completion, key assessments after every chapter covered and internal mock-exams. At the end of the academic year, you will take two exams for each, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

For the separate sciences, this will give you three individual grades per subject. With each paper being of equal weighting.

For the double science course, you will take two exams per subject, with each paper having a weighting of 16.7% of your overall qualification.

What does it lead to?

Studying science will prepare you for a job that will put you in the driving seat; giving you skills and knowledge to improve the world around us, and even the future of the planet.

On completion of this course, you can progress onto a Level 3 Science programme be it A-level or Applied.


  • Note for applicants:

To apply for GCSE Science, you must select GCSE: Biology, Chemistry and Physics on the application form. We will then advise you on the triple or double pathway during the interview stage and final enrolment.

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