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GCSE Sociology

GCSE Sociology

Course Information

Course Level
– 2
Course Type – GCSE
Specific Entry Requirements
GCSE English & Maths at Grade 3
Duration – 1 Years
Student Age – 16-18

About The Course

“Whatever sociology may be, it is the result of constantly asking the question, what is the meaning of this?” (C. Wright Mills).  Sociology is the systematic study of society. It is about critically looking at the world around you to understand some of the problems that face society and how society has changed over time. Sociology is a subject in which you are expected to take an interest in, and to be critical about, the ways in which government policy impacts on inequalities based on social class, age, gender and ethnicity.  A lot of the topics in Sociology are extremely controversial and require you to have an open mind, use objective reasoning and be respectful of other opinions always.

How Is The Course Taught?

Thinking sociologically not only involves asking questions about what happens but struggling analyse and evaluate different interpretations about what happens.  Sociology students must constantly question, debate and construct reasoned judgements about the usefulness of different perspectives and sources of data.  Complementing this is the need to be able to write sociologically: this will involve lots of practice, self and peer marking.  Consequently, the course is taught through thinking and writing, with students at the heart of the experience.  

How will I be Assessed?

You will be regularly assessed by the teachers including key assignments based on real exam questions. Your final exam will be at the end of the year and will be made up of two, one- hour 45-minute exams.  

What does it lead to?

Sociology complements the choice of History, Politics and Religious Studies at A level and supports a variety of careers which demand objective-problem solving skills, research methods and critical thinking:  Some of these careers include lawyer, advocacy, social work, work in the Criminal Justice System.  The average yearly salary for a social worker is currently £37,440 with the workforce is expected to grow by 7.2% over the following 7 years, so including people leaving the profession, means that there will be 66,900 job opportunities in that period

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