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Uganda Project

The Uganda Project

The Uganda Project is an international, collaborative social action programme between BSix College students (and staff) and a rural, self-supporting community school in Uganda. As one of BSix’s flagship enrichment programmes, the project aims to develop the students’ employability skills, enhance their personal development and increase their cultural capital.

Our Student Film – The Uganda Project


To achieve these objectives, the students involved participate in volunteering, fundraising, cross-cultural seminars, environmental projects and a visit to Uganda, where a significant portion of their development work is undertaken.

Our students have been carrying out extensive research and online engagement and collaboration with external organisations (charities, local governments, schools and universities in Uganda and Friends of the Earth in UK) to find solutions for the community. As a culmination of their year-long effort, on arrival in Uganda the students will be physically volunteering on a classroom building project and on a climate change/livelihood project with local students and local farmers.

This involves training the community in sustainable farming by implementing innovative aquaponics and aeroponics systems in collaboration with our partners at Friends of the Earth. The visit is planned for visit to Uganda in February 2023.

Our students have been working tirelessly in an attempt to raise £25,00 towards the cost of the trip, students have already raised some funds towards this trip by setting up a GoFundMe page, holding bake sales in and outside college, participating in fundraising walks and other activities. Students have also made presentations to small and large audiences to educate the college and the wider community about their project and to solicit funding for their planned trip.

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