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Schools we partner with

Tawhid Boys School: Official Partner School of BSix

Tawhid Boys School is a local private Muslim school and became the first official partner school of BSix in March 2010. The progression compact developed between the school and BSix is the culmination of several years of schools liaison work.

The Petchey Academy: Official Partner School of BSix

The Learning Trust in Hackney has been integral in supporting BSix College in the development of partner schools. The recognition of the high standards that form the core of BSix and the desire to support collaborative work in the borough to encourage students to stay in Hackney for their post-16 education has been the driving force behind these partnerships.

Clapton Girls Academy, Skinners Academy, Haggerston School and Stormont House School: Partners of the Hackney 14-19 Transition Project

In 2014-15 BSix College worked closely with local schools to develop transition programmes for students who were likely to need to progress onto Entry – Level 2 courses for their Post-16 education. Individually tailored programmes of study were developed for Y11 students with 4 local schools. The general format is for the Y11’s to attend a series of lessons taught at BSix to give them a flavour of different applied courses and to help get them used to a Sixth Form College environment.


BSix College also works in partnership with around 50 schools across the 8 surrounding boroughs of: Camden, Hackney, Haringey, Islington, Newham, Redbridge, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest. Each year delivering approximately 100 different schools liaison events which range from Careers fairs and Assemblies, to targeted talks, onsite interviews and College Experience visits.