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Adult Learning Courses


19+ Adult Learning

BSix is now offering online adult learning courses in ESOL and Digital Skills. This course is for anyone aged 19+ and are government funded. The course is taught onsite through a mixture of day and evening timetables and includes weekly tutorial support to ensure the successful competition of your qualification. Functional Maths is also included in the qualification package for those without a GCSE grade 4 or equivalent.


ESOL- English for Speakers of Other Languages

Would you like to improve your English?

This course will allow you to improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing. By gaining an ESOL qualification it shows that you have good speaking, writing, listening and reading skills in English. This will help you to improve your social interactions in everyday life as well as being a great way to show employers your language skills.

Once you apply, admin will be in contact to assess your eligibility for educational funding.


Adult Digital Skills (EDSQ)

EDSQs are the newest qualifications to support adult learners in developing modern digital skills for everyday life and are available at Entry Level and Level 1. These are perfect if you have very few digital skills; you will learn the basics and become confident in using them, whether that’s communicating to loved ones or making sure you’re safe and  confident to do your online shopping or banking. After learning the basics, you will have the option to take another course and improve your skills.

EDSQs will equip you with the skills you need make the most of your mobile phone, apps and other digital services.

  • Using Devices and Handling Information
  • Creating and Editing
  • Communicating
  • Transacting
  • Being Safe and Responsible Online

This course will build essential IT skills that you will need to progress to a Level 1/2 IT course or to seek employment, which requires basic IT skills.

Once you apply, admin will be in contact to assess your eligibility for educational funding.

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